Erico Navazo

Erico Navazo (Burgos, 1971) studied Interior Design at the Public College of Applied Arts in Madrid. Navazo is an icon in the world of interior design. His work is characterised by his tasteful mix of different periods and styles. Navazo had a passion for decoration from a very young age and throughout his meteoric career he has won major awards, such as the AD Interior Designer of the Year Award 2019; “Interiores” magazine’s National Interior Designer in 2022; and the AD100 list, which includes the 100 most influential architects and interior designers in Europe.



Exploring the roots

The collection is about going back to the essence and recovering the primordial; it’s a love song for elements past but brought into the current context. In this project we wanted to highlight the true essence of the materials, which breathe naturalness and authenticity. We’re working with clay, plaster and lime, stone, marble, concrete, terrazzo, and wood. These material elements are very functional and commonplace, but they take also us back to the past, they draw us to the memory; so, it’s a collection full of emotions, but in a very simple and honest way.


Honesty and naturalness. In this collection we represent materials as they are, with their beauty and their imperfections. They only aspire to be what they are: stone, clay, plaster, wood… These materials already have a richness of nuances in their essence that contribute when it comes to design.