Davide Doppioni

Davide Doppioni, a ceramics fanatic since his childhood, has spent his entire life exploring the endless possibilities of this versatile material. His first contact with ceramics came at the tender age of five in his sister’s workshop, a space that became his creative sanctuary. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of Europe’s most prestigious industrial and traditional ceramics firms, establishing himself as a benchmark in the field.



Crafted from Earth

The A Piedi collection is an interplay between handmade and machine-made, between simplicity and complexity. A Piedi, a series of tuttomassa porcelain tiles, captures the essence of natural clay in an unprecedented 1×1 metre format, evoking the primordial connection between human beings and the earth. Meanwhile, Occhiata, an extruded stoneware lattice, delivers an artistic touch with its hand-painting, subtly coordinated with the tones of A Piedi. The two pieces interact to create an atmosphere that invites reflection and appreciation for the authenticity of the materials.

The Perfect Mix

The challenge lies in finding a balance between craftsmanship and industrial precision. Technology gives us unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, but human intervention is key to injecting that artistic and emotional nuance that no algorithm can reproduce. It’s an amalgam of two universes that gives rise to a completely new and fascinating creation.